Dumb Virginia Laws

Sex Out of Wedlock

With a state slogan proclaiming that, “Virginia is for lovers,” the long-standing law that restricts lovemaking to married couples is especially ironic. Consensual sex between unmarried people is a misdemeanor in Old Dominion and punishable by a $250 fine. Though the Virginia Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the anti-fornication law was unconstitutional, it remains on the books. Although, as of early 2020 a move was underway to repeal it. “How is Virginia for lovers, if lovers can’t love each other,” said state lawmaker Mark Levine, who was spearheading the effort. Source

Hunting on Sunday

Until 2014, it was unlawful to hunt on Sundays in Virginia. And, though the restrictions have eased, it’s still far from open season on the Sabbath. Sunday hunters must have written permission from a landowner and cannot hunt within 200 yards of a church. As for raccoons, they can be hunted only until 2 a.m. on Sunday morning. Source

Pet Skunks

In Prince William County, a skunk is classified as a “wild, exotic or vicious” animal, making it unlawful to keep one as a pet. Also on the no-pet list are “any live monkey (nonhuman primate), raccoon, wolf, squirrel, fox, leopard, panther, tiger, lion, lynx or any other warm-blooded animal, poisonous snake or tarantula, crocodile or alligator, which can normally be found in the wild state or any other member of the crocodilian, including but not limited to alligators, crocodiles, caimans and gavials.” Source

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