Dumb Alabama Laws

Playing Cards on Sunday

Poker, crazy eights, solitaire. Whatever your preferred card game, it’s illegal to play it on a Sunday in Alabama. The same goes for shooting, hunting and gaming. Other Sunday prohibitions include compelling children, apprentices and servants to work, and shopkeepers opening their stores (excepting druggists, newsstands, fruit stands, ice cream shops and the manufacturers and sellers of ice, among others). Scofflaws face fines ranging from $10 to $100, time in the county jail and even hard labor. Source

Religious Cosplay

Donning the garb of a priest, nun, minister or any other member of the clergy is a misdemeanor in Alabama. Those convicted of impersonating a person of the cloth face a fine of up to $500 and a year in county jail. Source

Fake Facial Hair in the House of the Lord

It is illegal in Alabama to wear a fake mustache in church for the purpose of eliciting laughter, according to many sources, including Al.com, relying on an infographic from Olivet Nazarene University, which, in turn, relies on a host of other sites. The problem is, none of the sources that mention this stupid law in Alabama cite a primary source.

Flicking Boogers

Alabama law prohibits the flicking of boogers in the wind – or, at least, that’s what a multitude of online sources say. However, a primary source verifying this dumb Alabama law isn’t provided.

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